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General Info and Registration OnRoad

General Info and Registration OnRoad 2025

Bassendean to Busselton

The 2025 event dates will be 8 - 10 March 2025

Registration opens July 1st 2024. Entry fee $375 with 2 months of $30 discount for EarlyBirds. Minumum fundraising $200.
More information will appear in due course, but the 2024 Information sheet still available on the website will give you most details.

Event/registration costs

Please make sure if you are a return participant that you select the “already have an account ” option. If you have forgotten your password, send an email to fundraising@canteen.org.au requesting a reset.

The registration fee is $350. An earlybird discount of $30 applies for the first month.

Should the event have to be cancelled due to factors beyond our control (Covid19) a full refund of nomination fees will be made by CanTeen. However, any donations collected in the meantime will remain with CanTeen – they still need our support!!

General Event Information

Each year we take up to 150 riders supported by about 50 crew. This includes a contingent of Canteen members, staff and volunteers who ride with us until Sunday lunchtime, giving you the opportunity to find out how your donations are used.

The route includes Tonkin Highway and roads paralleling the South West Highway to Pinjarra on Day 1 and Brunswick on Day 2. On day 3, three groups ride through Donnybrook and Capel, while the other two groups pass through Dardanup and Capel and then through the Tuart Forest to Busselton.

Overnight stops are at Pinjarra Football and Netball Club and the Brunswick Junction Recreation Centre. You will need your own bedding and can sleep indoors or camp outside.

There are 5 groups each day and you choose which one to join (details below). You can change groups at some morning tea and lunch stops. Faster groups ride extra distance with detours towards Mandurah, to Dwellingup and through Donnybrook. The base distance is 290km and for the fastest groups 408km. Each group is escorted front and rear by Toyota Landcruiser Club of WA vehicles with lights and signs.

Other activities include a silent auction and lots of opportunities for socialising.

Food is plentiful and we cater for your dietary requirements. Escort vehicles carry water, first aid kits and pumps. Some spare parts are available for sale. You will receive a souvenir t shirt.

For the return trip, two coaches are provided to return you to Optus Stadium carpark by about 6:30pm on Monday. Also provided are covered trailers for the return transport of your bikes.

The cost is $350 covering all accommodation, food and transport. A $30 Earlybird discount applies for one month.

Please note there is a minimum fundraising requirement of $200 each. However, this minimum applies only once within a family group or a couple. Further, if you ride in both an OnRoad and OffRoad event within twelve months, the minimum applies only once for that year.

While trying to offer a fun ride and a challenge to all abilities, we also see fundraising as a major component of the ride and hope that you will do your best to contribute. Chocolate sales, collection tins, sausage sizzles, afternoon teas, quiz nights, Raise It online, casual dress days at work…..are all possibilities.


It is now a policy of Life Cycle for CanTeen that participants cannot take pets/animals of any kind on any event. Reasons for this include: 

  • Other people’s allergies
  • Risk of harm to others
  • Consideration of others who are not keen to have animals involved
  • Our presence in National Parks (OffRoad) where pets are not allowed
  • Not wishing to have animals inside buildings or near food outlets
  • The responsibility thrown upon the committee for pet care should the owner be injured during the event

The groups, with approximate ideal riding ability, are:

Brown: able to maintain an average of 30kph all day (hills included in route)

Yellow: able to maintain an average of 27kph all day (hills included in route)

Orange: able to maintain an average of 25kph all day (some hills)

Blue: able to maintain an average of 23kph all day (few hills)

Green: able to maintain an average of 20kph all day (few hills)

Note this event is not a race and each group's speed will be determined by the slowest rider in the group, road conditions, hills, wind, etc.

Remember also that speeds may be above these averages for much of the time.

Rider responsibilities

All riders ride at their own risk and subject to completion of online registration including Ride Disclaimer & Consent (waiver), personal and medical details.

Riders are advised to obtain their own sickness and accident insurance in case of sickness, accident or injury enroute to/from or during the event. School students are advised that their school’s insurance may provide '24 hour a day, seven days a week' cover at a nominal cost. The organisers will also endeavour to meet any identified dietary requirements.

Reasonable levels of fitness and skill are required to complete the ride comfortably. Nominees are responsible for their own state of health. The organisers of this event are not medically trained and have no specific ability or skills to professionally assess the health or physical ability of entrants. We recommend that nominees who do not engage in regular and strenuous physical activity seek the advice of their doctor before undertaking this ride.

The organisers reserve the right to make any changes in the interests of safety. Before, during and after, the event photos of participants may be taken for promotional, media or record purposes. Unless accompanied by a letter specifically stating otherwise (and providing sufficient information to identify the participant) this nomination acts as permission for photos to be taken and used as indicated.

The onus is on each rider to have their bicycle safety checked AND in safe working order for the start of the ride.