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General Info and Registration OffRoad

General Info and Registration OffRoad 2024

Friday 6 September (afternoon/evening) to Monday 9 September (after lunch)

We will again visit Nannup in 2024, but with different routes. These will include the Munda Biddi Trail, other tracks in the area and Tank 7. We also hope to engage with the community and spread information about Canteen.

Keep an eye on the monthly Social Rides agenda for 2024, which will be expanded.

The October 2023 event yielded $22,292.80 for Canteen.

General Event Details

Our maximum number of riders is 70. Riders split into groups according to their fitness, speed and skills, starting at group 1 comprising the fastest and strongest riders (who will ride extra distance). Support vehicles meet us at various checkpoints with water, food and mobile toilets.

Food is plentiful and we cater for your dietary requirements. Included are morning and afternoon teas, breakfasts, lunches and evening meals.

The nomination of $350 also covers accommodation (you supply swag or bedding) and transport. While trying to offer a fun event and a challenge to all abilities, fundraising for Canteen is our primary objective and there is a minimum fundraising requirement of $300 per person. Exemptions apply – a family or couple need only reach the minimum once. During registration, you can create a donations page on Raise It.

To assist you with fundraising options see suggestions on the website. Chocolate sales, collection tins, sausage sizzles, afternoon teas, quiz nights, online fundraising option, casual dress days at work…..are all possibilities.

To find out more general information, consult the Information Sheet OffRoad 2023 from the drop down menu. This will be uodated to 2024 as soon as we have details.


It is now a policy of Life Cycle for CanTeen that participants cannot take pets/animals of any kind on any event. 

Reasons for this include: 

  • Other people’s allergies
  • Risk of harm to others
  • Consideration of others who are not keen to have animals involved
  • Our presence in National Parks (OffRoad) where pets are not allowed
  • Not wishing to have animals inside buildings or near food outlets
  • The responsibility thrown upon the committee for pet care should the owner be injured during the event