What is Life Cycle for CanTeen?

Life Cycle is a registered charity which runs events for OnRoad and OffRoad cyclists in WA. The OnRoad cycling event started in 1998 and is held on the weekend after the long weekend in March, when we ride from Perth to Busselton over three days. Our OffRoad event started in 2012 and takes place in October each year. So far, we have travelled the length of the Munda Biddi Trail and visited the Margaret River and Collie areas.

Life Cycle is the biggest community fundraiser for Canteen in Australia. Canteen members, volunteers and staff participate in the OnRoad, giving riders the opportunity to meet and hear from the people we are supporting.

Life Cycle is run by a dedicated group of volunteers on two committees.

Life Cycle for CanTeen Inc (ABN 27 251 421 905) is registered as a charity with the ACNC.
Here is a snapshot of how, during 2020, CanTeen in Australia has been able to support a young person, their family and their healthcare team to tackle their cancer-related challenges head on.

Why is Life Cycle Important to CanTeen?

“Life Cycle is Canteen’s biggest community fundraiser and over the past 23 years has raised over 2 million dollars for CanTeen! CanTeen is incredibly grateful for the funds and awareness which Life Cycle has raised. These funds raised by Life Cycle have been vital to ensure that we can continue to run our programs and provide a much needed service for young people living with cancer in Australia.

We value Life Cycle because it’s a fantastic community event which brings everyone together to make sure that no young person faces cancer alone.

The funds raised by Life Cycle have provided 20,000 young people with the chance to attend a program where they can meet other young people in the same boat.

Life Cycle also provides the opportunity for a group of members to participate in the first half of the ride each year. This gives the Members a chance to develop their public speaking skills by sharing their personal cancer story with the supporters.

Life Cycle epitomises the best of a community fundraising event and without Life Cycle we wouldn’t be able to support as many young people!

Thank you from all the staff and members at Canteen”